Property MOT’s & Aftercare

The routine way of looking after properties is to simply wait until disaster strikes, and then act. This has given rise to a multi million pound industry that is more interested in the sale of products than actually looking after you and your property.

But, what we offer is a direct line of contact to a company that is more interested in nipping small issues in the bud before they spiral and cost you a fortune. A stitch in time saves nine, that is our mantra.

You must start looking at your home as a very expensive vehicle that needs an annual MOT and service. Saving you thousands and giving you a finely tuned and enjoyable space to reside in.

Small issues, unchecked, will turn into big expensive issues. So, get in touch and we can work together as a team and reduce the need for expensive repair work.

How We Can Help

The ultimate goal is to reduce the chances of you needing to spend money on issues around your home that could have been avoided if they were picked up sooner. So, we offer an annual property MOT to our clients, a service that entails us undertaking an external and internal assessment of your property.

In 3 easy Steps:

1. Annual Survey

Once a year your home will be inspected and a professional and scientific survey undertaken. Our keen eyes will scan your property and look for telltale signs of weaknesses that could possibly highlight an ongoing or potential breakdown in your homes defences.

Leaving small building defects until another day will only lead to them becoming more expensive and you having to make a mad dash to find someone to fix the damage. We work with our customers and guide them in how they can make a difference to their homes and how they can save money.

Our comprehensive and scientific reports act like a detailed instruction manual.

2. A Team Of Experts

There isn’t much that we don’t know about how a property should function in any given environment. We are trained, experienced and wholly enthused by building pathology and construction science.

There are no lies when science is involved. There is no waffle, no talk about water rising from thin air, no deception. We are proud nerds and geeks that do what we do for the sheer love of the work and the industry that is preservation.

Our experts have instructed thousands of homeowners, English Heritage, commercial business owners, insurance companies and been involved in many contentious disputes between homeowners and contractors.

Basically, we know our stuff.

3. Full Service History

Once we enter peoples homes and businesses, they don’t ever want us to leave. That is the sort of impact we have on people’s well-being and bank balances.

You shouldn’t have to be spending the money that you are being quoted, I know this. You need to have a plan put in place at the start and then keep a transparent service history record of everything we, and yourselves have done to keep the property in tiptop condition. Because this stuff matters.

When you want to sell one day, or you want to get cheaper home insurance, if you can prove that your home is well looked after, problem free for so many years and under the watchful eye of us, then you are going to save money.

We will always have your back.

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