Decoration Damp Solutions

If you’ve got a damp stain on your wall or ceiling and you just want it to go away, painting over it with a damp-blocking paint isn’t the answer. Why? Because your wall’s telling you that moisture’s trapped behind it, leaving it nowhere to escape but back into the plaster or render.

Thank goodness for breathable paints. They’re designed to let water vapour escape through them so it can evaporate. This prevents bubbling, blistering and damp staining on your paintwork which, left unchecked, can lead to the wall’s decline and create more problems in the future.

In the past, people used to cover their stone walls with lime and plaster, using a minimum amount of cement, so they achieve good breathability for their houses.

As time went by, the use of chemical insulation, abundant cement and finally coating with plastic petrochemical paint created a thin (but non-porous) membrane = ‘perfect insulation’. And that’s where problems start. Add to that unhealthy volatile components in various chemical-based furniture/radiator/wall paints, plus toxic cleaning supplies, and the problems simply multiply.

Breathable, natural paints are much better for the environment and are the logical solution for the future of property preservation. They’ll also cut down the amount of time and money you’ll spend on upkeep.

What are the benefits of breathable paints?

  • They hardly ‘crack’ because no moisture is trapped into the materials
  • The prevent wood rot as moisture can escape
  • They create a healthy indoor microclimate
  • They’re made from natural materials
  • They’re economical as they provide high coverage
  • They can be used for coating surfaces containing lime and cement, loam rendering, woodchip wallpaper or old chalk silicate paints

So, if you are planning to paint your new house, inside or out, or want to renovate an historic building and you’re pondering the right paint products or compatible materials, please get in touch with our sister company Brighton Paintworks,

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