Damp & Timber Surveys

As respected members of the PCA, we’re able to provide a detailed report and quotation for remedial works on potential damp and/or timber issues highlighted on your homebuyer’s survey. All our remedial work adheres to all guidelines specified by your mortgage provider.

Our office will liaise with vendors and agents to arrange an inspection following your enquiry. This ensures an efficient service with minimal effort from you. Please contact our team for more information and to discuss what needs doing.

Do we do pre-purchase inspections?

Yes. Reports can be posted or sent by email which expedites the process when time’s restricted.

We can alleviate your stress and make clear:

  • Homebuyer’s damp findings and Rising damp.
  • Timber and woodworm infestations.
  • Basements and structural issues
  • Wet rot and dry rot symptoms
  • Mould and condensation issues

Please note – We charge a small fee since we are reporting on the symptoms, and not quoting for them. Hopefully, work may not even be needed. However, if work is required, all fees paid prior to our inspections are refundable upon final invoice of any subsequent work that you may need.)

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