Basement Waterproofing

If you’re struggling for space in your home but don’t want to move or take up precious garden space, then a basement conversion is ideal. You’ll not only add space but could increase your home’s value.

Whereas a loft conversion may require more construction and have more restrictions, a basement conversion is a cost-effective, simpler solution.

Sussex Dampworks will inspect the below-ground structure, give you a quote and begin work. Sometimes, we simply go back to the bare structure and free all the moisture trapped behind the tanking systems and useless layers of paint. Once all the walls are clean and back to its core material, water easily travels through, evaporating away from the substrate and taken out by natural or mechanical ventilation.

If needed, we utilise the most modern ventilation and extraction units on the market. Smelly basements can easily be turned into functional rooms with healthier, free-flowing air.

As with any basement, what you want to use it for will dictate the finish and costs involved in the project. For example, if you wanted a cold storage space for food and larder items, this requires little expenditure. However, if you want a Type C, water-controlled cinema room with a Grade 3 atmosphere design specification, then this obviously costs more.

Please note – We charge a small fee since we are reporting on the symptoms, and not quoting for them. Hopefully, work may not even be needed. However, if work is required, all fees paid prior to our inspections are refundable upon final invoice of any subsequent work that you may need.)

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