Meet Our Team

We offer an easy to digest understanding as to why your property may be damp, mouldy or suffer with timber decay issues. It is never as bad as you may think.

We are forward thinking property experts that lean away from the old ways of the damp proofing industry and avoid, at all costs, preventable and expensive remedial work.

We want to tweak, adjust, and repair your property. Maintain it and prevent small failures turning into larger ones.

We only care about the truth of the matter and quickly getting to the root cause of your issues and taking the path of least resistance. Slight adjustments can make huge improvements.

We say more damp understanding and less damp proofing.

We are the future guardians of the property industry.

Aaron West


I’m obsessed with the natural world and have a huge respect (and love) for science. I’ve successfully owned and run construction companies, and had an early career as a Royal Engineer. However, everything in my life clicked into place once I discovered the world of building preservation. I believe it’s what I’m here for.