A Little About Us

Aaron and Joe – the Directors of Sussex Dampworks – have been immersed in the world of building houses and preventing them from falling down since 2009. They’re surveyors who don’t mind getting their hands dirty.  

The enthusiasm and passion I have for my work is pretty OTT, but it’s safe to say I love what I do! And who benefits from that? You, your property. It goes without saying, we have a trunk of scientific instruments at our disposal to do all the required testing. However, the industry’s obsession with tech and gizmos tends to get in the way of the natural senses and clouds over the real science of what’s occurring in properties. Common sense is also a key ally in the detection of house defects – without it, a property’s at risk of misdiagnosis.

We are property experts

During their time, they’ve successfully undertaken countless:

  • Remedial damp proofing projects
  • Timber treatments for the eradication of wood boring insect attack
  • Prevention, and cure of, wet and dry rot attack
  • Basement waterproofing solutions
  • Developed properties
  • Built Houses.

They’ve been busy… all thanks to their reliability, personable natures, and the quality of their work. These attributes have earned them a strong reputation in East and West Sussex – not only with private homeowners, but architects, local authorities and building contractors.

Who We Work With

Who we can help and those who are looking for a solution.

Our Team

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