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Wouldn’t it be nice if someone trustworthy told you that your persistent damp issue has one root source? And that by tackling that source, your damp nightmares will go away?

That’s exactly what we do here at Sussex Dampworks.

We don’t just survey and determine whether you’ve got damp or decay in your home, we make it go away – permanently!

Were Property Guardians, Not Salesmen

Invariably, we often spend our days correctly diagnosing others’ incorrect assessments of damp buildings. The challenging – and most rewarding – aspect about our jobs is often in finding the best solution for the building, its occupants, and the surrounding environment.

We’re not happy until we do.


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“Sold my house ‘subject to survey’ and then lots of negative findings re damp from buyers mortgage surveyor, and very expensive quotes ! Called Sussex Dampworks and thankfully they visited and explained impartially, and in ‘layman’s terms’, what definitely needed doing…”

Melanie Jacobs, East Sussex

“Having met Aaron West when looking for advice in relation to a listed building and wanting the best qualified input in how to maintain perfect equilibrium of humidity, temperature and ventilation, he came to the rescue and offered practical and expert advice”

Amber Huxley, West Sussex

“I phoned Aaron after wasting thousands on my basement. Aaron got his scientific hat on and after putting his finger in and on different surfaces and tasting it (each to their own I suppose) worked out that the water coming in was from a rising water table. He managed to find the original sump, which the cowboy builders had just concreted over.”

Mrs Faye Parker, West Sussex

“We had a leak in our kitchen which we needed to claim for. I had Aaron round from Sussex Dampworks who discovered so many more problems which would have had awful repercussions had they not been found. His reports were so in depth and backed up with photographic evidence.”

Neil Milburn, East Sussex

“I called Sussex Dampworks after noticing some damp in a ceiling. Aaron turned up and asked to see what was above the room upstairs – it was the shower room. I thought it must be leaks in the pipework and would cost a fortune. Fortunately Aaron worked out that it was faulty sealant. He then removed part of the leaky ceiling, checked the woodwork. ”

Mr and Mrs Seears, Shoreham Beach

“We were told we had a leaking chimney breast which would need replacing at great expense. Thankfully we asked for a second opinion from Aaron @ Sussex Damp works and he diagnosed it to be hygroscopic dampness. We treated it as such, solved the problem and saved a considerable amount.”

Mr Steve Hussy, East Sussex